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Online PR is all about using the internet and digital technologies to raise brand awareness and exposure and to deliver effective communication to, and engage with, your customers and other key stakeholders. If the results of searches carried out by consumers have a negative perception it potentially has a harmful and costly effect on your business. A proactive online PR strategy is geared towards influencing media, communities and audiences using online channels including search engines, social networks, blogs, forums and other online communication networks and platforms. Managed correctly, and as part of a well-defined overall marketing strategy, this is a cost-effective and powerful activity.

Listen. Create. Engage. Successful online PR is about influencing people rather than buying placement and advertisements for brand content. Understanding who your influencers are, what the most relevant channels for your business are and generating compelling content that will get you noticed is the key to success. Online PR is fast becoming a cornerstone of a strong overall PR strategy that includes an understanding of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, and blogger outreach.

Online PR Channels Some of the major channels targeted in Online PR include:

  • Industry websites
  • Niche or topical websites
  • Blogs
  • Influential social media accounts
  • Media-sharing websites & social networks, including YouTube and Flickr
  • Forums: Topic-focused, industry-related and niche
  • Wikis
  • Twitter feeds
  • Google Plus: events, hangouts and other groups
  • LinkedIn: news and groups
  • Social media & bookmarking websites
  • Personal blogs with niche audiences
Digital SPS Online PR services will help you protect, build or enhance your businesses reputation. Our PR team works hard to understand your targets and objectives and then identifies the optimum mix of channels through which to communicate. We maintain good relations with many influential bloggers, PR services companies and Social Media users to ensure you get the maximum exposure.

The Benefits There are tangible benefits for your business for incorporating online PR into your social media strategy including:

  • Enhanced brand visibility and awareness
  • Increased traffic to your website
  • Valuable contribution to SEO efforts
  • Developing a position of authority within your industry
  • Increasing engagement with your customers to improve your service offering and build loyalty

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