Online Reputation Management

'A professional online presence designed to protect your brand'

When doing business online, there is nothing more painful than to hear that a potential customer “Googled” your company or personal name and will not be doing business with you because of what they read. In today’s world, like it or not, we are all defined by what appears on Google, Yahoo and Bing. If the results of searches carried out by consumers have a negative perception it potentially has a harmful and costly effect on business. The reality is that this is happening often due to false, erroneous or misleading search engine results. Whether the negative posting comes from a competitor, a news site, or a message board, the impact can be financially challenging at best and devastating at worst.

The Problem

You are a business which provides a high level of service but sometimes your usual high standards are not met and if negative comments find their way online it can create a problem that can impact your whole business. Anyone searching for you online can find negative comments or poor reviews which may potentially deter them from doing business with you.

The Solution

Digital SPS provides Online Reputation Management (ORM) services which help protect not just your brand name but also nominated individuals within your company thus handing control of your brand back to you.  Customers are directed to what you want them to find. We handle any comments, reviews and dare we say complaints that might arise online and work to help resolve any issues in a positive responsive manner.  The objective is to protect your brand and reputation online.


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